Le Grigri lance son podcast blues. Une heure certifiée sans bla-bla et sans clichés (crédit photo : Nikola Cindric).


  1. Dr John New Orleans

  2. Captain Beefheart Tropical hot dog night

  3. Talmud Beach Chinaman Blues

  4. The Bones of J.R Jones Dreams of tale

  5. Luther Dickinson Mojo, Mojo

  6. David Edwards Catfish Blues

  7. John Lee Hooker It serves your right to suffer

  8. Tony Joe White As the Crow Flies

  9. Koko Taylor I got what it takes

  10. R.L Burnside See what my buddy done

  11. Marvin Pontiac My bear to cross

  12. Lobi Traore Hine

  13. Jeanne Dee Everyday i have the blues

  14. The Devil and the Almighty Blues The ghost of Charlie Barracadu

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