Mix 003


  1. Trond Kallevåg HansenBedehus & Hawaii Gatelys og sang

  2. Josiah Steinbrick (Two Bonangs, Coated Spheres, Piano, Two Synthesizers, Natural Objects)

  3. Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness Mayarira

  4. Isadoser Pins And Needles

  5. Cybe The Moon Is Shining Above The Ricefields

  6. Aponogeton The Night Sky Is Falling (Sixth Seal)

  7. Ben LaMar Gay Aquele Frio Na

  8. Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar Galta

  9. Emily A. Sprague Synth 1

  10. Akira Ito Praying for Mother / Earth Part 1

  11. Fennesz Agora

Mix 002


  1. Oba Kid's Omission Address

  2. Andrew Wasylyk Through the Field Beyond the Trees Lies the Ocean

  3. Frederic Rzewski Attica

  4. Paolo Angeli Idioteque

  5. Paula Rae Gibson / Kit Downes Strange Dream

  6. Mary Jane Leach Dowland's Tears

  7. Matthias Puech Badalisc

  8. Sarah Davachi Gilded

  9. Ivan Conti Ilha Da Luz

  10. De Leon A1

  11. Iury Lech Barreras

  12. Jose Dias Now He's the Hunter Now He's the One Being Hunted

Mix 001


  1. Pauline Anna Strom Freedom At The 45th Floor

  2. Slagr Flimmer

  3. Park Jiha The Longing of the Yawning Divide

  4. Gossamer VII Grace

  5. Joanna Brouk Diving Deeper, Remembering Love

  6. Mary Lattimore Hello From the Edge of the Earth

  7. Peter Bruun's All Too Human All Too Human

  8. Jon Hassell Toucan Ocean

  9. Scott DuBois Late September Dusk Walk

  10. Mkwaju Ensemble Hot Air

  11. David Sylvian & Holger Czukay Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel)